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April 29, 2011
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Demonic- *types in new chapter for stories*
Shadow- *sits on the couch with Amy and crawls underneath the blanket with her* Here's the hot chocolate. *hands it to her*
Amy-*takes it and blows the steam off the top*
Shadow- Don't I get a 'thank you'?
Amy- Oh yea, almost forgot. *pecks him on the cheek* Thanks Shadow.
Demonic- *scoffs* crazy lovebirds, I swear you two, get a room or something to do that stuff, I'm trying to type in a new update for you guys and-
Shadow- *walks up to the window and pulls the curtains over the disturbing scene outside* You'd think the fangirlism would slow down in the winter...
Demonic- Those Shadamy fans are seriously committed to this stuff...
Closet door opens a bit from the insane thumping on the walls outside to reveal Sonic hanging upside down with a gag and rope tied his limbs together
Demonic- When was the last time I fed the hell hounds?
Amy- three days ago.
Demonic- I'll be right back. *drags Sonic outside to where the hell hounds live* MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Amy and Shadow pop in their ear plugs to avoid hearing the loud screaming outside

Disclaimer: I don't own Sonic or anyone else like that. All of them belong to Sega except for my characters. If I did own Sonic, he would be long dead and I would replace the series with Shadow. Making Amy his lover~ :3


"Well then men! I'm surprised at the lack of contestants we have now, but hey, who am I to complain, I'm not the one going out there." The announcer said to the competetors. Some of the men in front of him shifted from one foot to another, uneasy of the task ahead. "All the beast's out there are in no way harmless, all of them are savage and ready to tear you guys limb from limb. Of course, they don't allow that anymore... I think..."

Another nervous silence befell upon the crowd of men. Worried that they will never see their friends or family again. Some were so scared that they even wrote their wills as the announcer spoke. "What you guys will be facing will be found in the mountainous caves that surround the kingdom, the only reason you didn't run into one is that we cleared most of them out just yesterday."

"First, aim for the chest and the head for an instant kill. You don't want to give it the chance to strike. Second, the abdomen, shoulder blades, and heart. That will give them a slow, painful death. Last, the arms and legs are for crippling your enemy, but always go for the instant kill. You are dismissed men." The announcer called.

Everyone talked and hugged their loved ones before the event started. "First up! Scourge the Hedgehog!" the announcer yelled. A green hedgehog wearing a black jacket walked up to the announcer. "Lay it on me old man!" He said, getting a few chuckles from the audience surrounding them. The announcer narrowed his eyes at the hedgehog. "Today you will be fighting... THE DANDYLYONS!" He said.

Scourge scoffed. "I have to fight a couple of flowers? Sheesh you people are weak." Then a lound rumbling came from underground. The announcer sprinted off the battle grounds, the rest to the men trailing behind him until only Scourge was left. "Cmon, lets see how many petals I can rip off you." He said, not worried one bit. Then, in front of the cocky hedgehog, the ground exploded and a big plant monster, with ferocious blood thirsty flowers that were the dandylyons for heads.

Scourge's self-esteem shrank at the size of the thing. "Holy shit..." He squeaked.

In the stands

Sonic's mother howled with laughter at the sight of Scourge, he ran as hard as he could to avoid the mutant plant's gaping jaws. Cream covered her eyes, terrified for Scourge. Tails watched, lightly rubbing Cream's back and looking at the queen for a second. He scowled at her for a millisecond and returned his eyes to the scene below. Scourge was darting from left to right, avoiding the incoming sludge spewing from the monsters mouth.

He jumped onto one of the monsters heads, then the second head blew sludge onto its other head trying to get him, soon, both heads were blowing sludge at each other and it died from lack of oxygen when the sludge hardened. The crowd cheered for Scourge as he walked out of the arena, extremely happy to be alive.

In the back of the arena

Sonic handed a little envelope to one of the servants, telling him that some new rules were issued by the queen herself.

"Next! Shadow the Hedgehog," The announcer yelled. "Will be fighting against one of our more common beasts-" The announcer was handed the envelope and he opened it. "Well well! Looks like Shadow will instead be facing, THE DREADED DICIPUS!" The entire crowd gasped at this.

Shadow walked into the arena, not knowing what to expect. Then, a giant hole in the center opened, and a set of tentacles, with big purple spikes on them came out. Shadow felt the blood drain from his face at the sight. Then a big tentacle tried to crush him. He dodged it effortlessly and jumped over another incoming tentacle. Then, the body of the tentacles came out. It was a massive purple hulking mess, with many eyes on its head and teeth that looked like steak knives.

Amy covered her eyes, not wanting to see if Shadow got hurt. Then she felt someone put their arm over her shoulder. "Hey Princess." Oh great.

"Hello Prince Sonic. Are you ready for your upcoming battle?" she asked. Sonic didn't hear her, he was currently laughing at Shadow who was dodging the tentacles. She shook his hand off her and began to look for Cream. She sat down next to her and prayed to whatever god that he will be alright.

Shadow's dodging had begun to wear him out a bit. He had to finish this before he passed out from exhaustion. Shadow jumped off one of the tentacles and threw a sharp rock at one of the eyes of the giant dicipus. It screeched in pain, black inky blood exploded out of the eye. Shadow soon started throwing all the rocks he could find really hard at the thing's eyes. Soon enough, the thing was on the floor, dead and unmoving.

He kicked it back into the hole it came out of. The audience cheered loudly for his victory. Especially Amy. She was massively relieved he survived and would have gone and punched Sonic in the face if anything had happened to Shadow, not caring about acting 'nonlady like'.

He walked calmly out of the arena, Sonic sneered at him. Eggman watched everything from afar. "Impressive shadow... keep this up and I might just have to steal you back." He said with a chuckle.
Chapter 11. if you like please give me some ideas because im running low on em. make them AFTER the competition tho. ^^;
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Please please please ow please make a chapter 12 :(
Shadddyismy4ever May 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
please make more i love this story
ScourgamyLove Dec 12, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
i suggest to watch movies like "the mummy" or something like that (mostly it has to be from olden days) and you might get idea's or better yet combine them together or something like that.
just saying! luv your story its very realistic!
shadamylovesmusic Jun 25, 2012  Student Writer
Kill sonic kill fatman DIE XD
meeoow12 Apr 7, 2012  Student Artist
cant wait for the next one and for shadow to kill the faker
liliathanh Mar 6, 2012
I'm a shadamy fan, just look at my profile
nazo677 Oct 1, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Make more
Eggman lay one finger on shadow... come on * evilly glares eggman* I dare you......

Eggman: *does so*

Me: humph' so you did. Well I have a lil' present for you and prince asshole....

Sonic/ asshole: HEY!!!!!

Me: Shut you demon!!! Your a disgrace to sin!! Now as i was saying a have a present for doing that *whips out scythe* (crowd: That's what she did!!) ugh!!! shut up!!! (crowd:........)

*eggman and sonic look scared*

Me: NOW DIE!!!!!! *cuts sonics and eggmans head off*

Eggman and sonic: *is dead*
Demoniclilangel Jun 19, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
lol ^^ you like it!!
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