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February 12, 2011
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"In a few days will be the kingdoms national holiday. There will be competitions held in the sports arena across from the castle. We shall settle this dispute there. I challenge you to a fight for Miss Amelia Rose."

Those words that Sonic spoke that day have been playing over and over in Shadow's mind. He has heard of such events before, but has never seen them. Shadow looked out the window to see some men training; running, swords, riding. A sudden blast of light hit a tree, knocking it over in the process. An old dog dressed in armor and Sonic walked up to the tree, inspecting the scorch marks on the base of the tree.

"That's got to count for something!" Sonic said, a cocky grin on his face. The dog shook his head. "You only use your power to boost your reputation, nothing more. It holds you back." Sonic held a red emerald. "Then screw this! You won't be satisfied with my great power? Then you're fired as my teacher." Sonic stomped away with the jewel in hand, his former teacher sighing. Then the old dog looked at Shadow straight in the eyes. "Do you want to give it a shot?" Silently, Shadow nodded and climbed out of the window and walked up to the guy.

"What is your name young one? I am called Bernard." He reached inside his pocket and pulled out a green jewel, similar to the red one Prince Sonic had. Bernard gave the jewel to Shadow. "Shadow." Bernard nodded and had him face the tree next to the fallen one. "The jewel you carry is called a chaos emerald, there are seven of these emeralds, all a different color, then there is the master emerald. It is more powerful than any of these jewels. But enough of that, focus all of your emotions into the emerald, and once you are ready to strike, let it all out." Bernard explained.

Shadow focused his emotions, at first it was his hate and resentment towards the men who killed his family. Bernard sensed his negative aura and put a calm hand on his shoulder. "Try to relax a little bit and not focus on the negative things. That is one way some people were not able to control this power." Shadow nodded and tried again, this time thinking of Amy, the emotions he felt from that mental image of her were very strong. Bernard could see his aura get stronger every few seconds. He thought of how she saved him from slavery and when they slept together.

Finally ready he let it all out and a chaos spear shot out from his hand, blowing the tree into splinters and leaves. Bernard scratched his gray muzzle. "Very good Shadow. Very good indeed." Amy and Cream heard the explosion and saw Shadow with the emerald, talking to Bernard. "Hey Shadow!" Amy yelled. Shadow waved a bit, a small smile on his face. "What in the world happened here? It looked like someone set some explosives off!" Cream said.

Bernard watched Shadow as he talked with the girls, his aura was more cheerful than his first or second attempt at chaos powers. He definetly had a chance at surpassing Sonic in the tournament. "Well we need to get going Shadow, Rouge wants us to help her with something." Shadow waved goodbye to the girls as they left. "You seem to be very happy around her." Shadow looked at Bernard. "Yea, I am." He said. "Were you the one that Sonic challenged?" "Yea. How do you know?" "Gossip travels fast in the castle." "Ah."

"Did you know that they allow chaos fighting in the tournament? It's the main event, and Sonic has the champions title." Bernard added. "No I didn't." "Well why don't I teach you some things, then let you practice them for the tournament." Shadow was surprised. "Will it cost anything?" He asked. "Beat Sonic and you won't owe me a single copper." Bernard had a small grin on his muzzle. Shadow had one growing on his face as well. "Then let's get started."
La de da~ Bernard is my OC, the rest of the characters belong to Sega
shadamylovesmusic Jun 25, 2012  Student Writer
Yay i like bernard hes nice :)
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