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February 23, 2011
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Sonic: Why do you make me look like such a douchebag?
Demonic: because I can. *types more story lines in*
Sonic: I know it's because you lik-
Demonic: *gets out demon scythe and eyes burn like fire* Go ahead, I dare you to say it.
Sonic: Eep! *tries to run away*
Demonic: Go see the new update people! I'm gonna go teach that blue bastard not to mess with this author! :3
*flies off*


The first day that Shadow trained was like a blur. Bernard taught him a great many things about chaos energy that Sonic didn't even know. "Sonic does not possess the type of goodness in his heart like you do. It is that exact reason he cannot get any farther in his training."

He once told Shadow. On the second day, Amy and Cream watched him train. The two young ladies sat on the bench as Shadow threw his chaos spear at a nearby training dummy. It was blown into ashes.

"Shadow seems to be getting stronger." Cream said with enthusiasm. Amy just nodded and watched. He was indeed getting stronger. BOOOOOM! A loud explosion could be heard from the other side of the garden. Gray smoke rose past the trees.

"What was that?" Amy yelled in surprise. "Let us go see what it was." Bernard said. All of them walked around the garden to the FAR other side. Over there was a wall of burning petunias, Sonic next to the flowers with some old fat dude.

"You are not FOCUSING!" The fatty yelled. "Well sooorry! My aim was off a bit because of the wind!" Sonic yelled back. "Oh my..." Cream said, looking at the burning petunias. Both the fat guy and Sonic turned to the four.

Both Shadow and Amy nearly gasped, the fat dude was the man from the slave market where Amy found Shadow. "Oh hello there. Come to watch my major success?" Sonic said, grinning like the cocky bastard that he was.

"Who is this man that's teaching you?" Bernard asked. "This is..." Sonic said, trying to remember the man's name. "Please just call me Eggman." Amy sniggered, considering his fat body was sort of the shape of an egg.

"Is there something you find humerous about my name your highness?" Eggman asked her. His disgusting breath and body odor could still be smelled from the distance. "No sir." Amy said. Then his eyes drifted onto Shadow. "I see we meet again." Shadow nodded, his eyes narrowed at his old master.

"You two know each other?" Sonic asked. "Yes. We used to be... accuantences at the time. Weren't we?" Eggman said with a tiny smirk on his ugly face. Shadow just kept his glare and frown, not answering but letting his facial expressions say everything. Go burn in hell. Is what the expression said, you could see it as clear as day.

"I can see that your last master already got tired of you. Why don't you come back and work for me?" He asked. He still thinks that I was a guy... Amy thought. "I found someone else. She's... related to my old master." It wasn't exactly lying, it had part of the truth in it. "Is that right? Don't tell me that the man who bought you was royalty?" Eggman seemed a bit interested. "Bought you? Does that mean you used to be a..."

Eggman nodded, "Yes he used to be a slave, and still is by the looks of it." Sonic walked up to Shadow and looked at him smugly. What I wouldn't give to send him flying... Shadow thought with a hint of a smirk. Sonic saw this and decided to interrogate him.

"Did you know that slaves are not allowed any rights or privelages? If you are still a slave, you cannot compete in the tournament." Shadow frowned at this. "He isn't a slave anymore you know." Amy said. Both hedgehogs turned to her. "He's my friend, I let him go from slavery the minute I erm... got him." Amy said nervously, trying to hide the fact that she bought him out of the slave market. "Is that so?" Eggman said.

"Very much so." Bernard said. Everyone finally noticing him. "I thought I fired you." Sonic said, irritated. "You did, now I'm helping Shadow." Bernard said, obviously not caring about Sonic's rudeness. Sonic chuckled. "So this is how you plan to face me? Through you other pupil?" Sonic turned to Shadow. "Good luck, all he's going to make you do is practice the same thing over, and over, and over."

"At least I can make more progress than you." Shadow said. After a bit longer, the four left Sonic and Eggman to continue their training, more explosions bursting behind them as they walked back to the other side of the garden.

"Do not worry Shadow, you will be able to defeat him and many others as long as you keep your mind focused." Shadow nodded. Amy walked next to him. He seemed kind of tired, building up her courage, she slipped her hand into Shadow's and gave him a small squeeze.

He was surprised at her boldness and it took him a while to be able to think straight. Finally after his mind cleared a bit, he squeezed back. Giving a small smile to her, telling her not to worry. "Now that we know what you will be up against Shadow, let us continue. You need to learn how to use the final chaos energy attack. Chaos Control."


Demonic: HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE! :D I'VE GOT YOU NOW SONIC! *swings the scythe like the maniac she already is*
Sonic: AAAAGGGHHHHH! *speeds off more, dodging the swinging scythe above his head*


The day before the tournament was very busy. All of the males were in the training grounds, getting ready for the tournament tommorrow. It was going to go on all day and they had to be ready. The prize is 1,000,000 gold coins, the title of champion, and the hand of whichever princess he wishes for that was staying in Sonic's castle.

This is all so sexist... Not even letting women compete and using them like prizes. UGH! Amy hated these kinds of things obviously. When she was little, her mother never let her go play outside because she needed to be a 'proper' young lady. All the little boys were allowed to play and she was stuck learning which spoon was for soup and the other for meals. As she walked through the corridors, she managed to bump into Rouge.

"Oh hello there Amy. By the way, thank you for helping me find those earrings the other day." Amy nodded. "It's no big deal really. How are things with you and Knuckles?" "He's training to be champion, like all the other bonehead idiots in the kingdom." Rouge sighed. "I wish that he wouldn't be so strict with his training, last time I saw him, he was holding a 10,000 kg weight between his teeth while doing chin ups."

Amy was surprised. "Are you sure you aren't exaggerating?" "I wish I was girl." Rouge shook her head. "So how's your boyfriend?" Amy's face flushed when she said that. "He's not my boyfriend!" " You two sure act like it though, I saw you two holding hands in the garden you know." Rouge laughed a bit, wiping a imaginary tear from her face. "Just make sure he doesn't wear himself out too badly ok?"

Amy nodded and walked outside to the training place that Shadow normally was around these days. She found him balancing on a few stakes on the ground, blindfolded, while Bernard had a servant throw chunks of wood at Shadow. "Trust your instincts Shadow! These might be the only thing standing between you and death!" Bernard shouted as Shadow punched a block of wood in half. Bernard took a chunk of wood and threw it up above Shadow's head. Suddenly, he leapt and kicked it into splinters, then landing with perfect grace onto another stake.

Shadow trained harder after finding out what the prizes were. Also knowing what might happen if Sonic won this year. No doubt he'd choose Amy for a wife. But he didn't know what to do if HE won. Maybe I should choose Amy and... No, he couldn't that would ruin everything he had with her.

"How is he doing?" Shadow heard a soft voice, Amy's no doubt. "Very well, I'm surprised he was able to get this far without passing out from exhaustion." Then Bernard whispered something, to whom Shadow didn't know. Then he sensed something large about to attack him, pulling out his emerald from his pocket, he shouted, "CHAOS CONTROL!" and disappeared. All of the wood clattered onto the ground. Amy stared wide eyed at the spot where he last stood.

"Boo." Amy jumped and saw him right behind her. Amy frowned. "That was not funny." Crap... maybe that was out of line... Shadow thought. Then he saw her giggle a bit. "Ok, maybe it was." "What are you doing here?" He asked. "Just checking what you were doing, you think you're ready for tommorrow?" He nodded. Bernard touched his shoulder. "Why don't you go to bed now? You should get some rest. We can train some more before the tournament." As Amy and Shadow left, Bernard sighed, watching their backs as they talked, hands intertwined.

"You've got a rough day tommorrow Shadow. Make sure to protect what's close to you." With that said, he turned and headed for his own quarters.
Heheheh. Sonic will diieeeee, I hope at least.
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Five sentences in, and I already want to break your kneecaps.
shadamylovesmusic Jun 25, 2012  Student Writer
Kill him.kill him.kill him.kill him.yay! ^^
lightningfreak97 Feb 23, 2011  Student Writer
you go get him Demoniclilangel show that sonic who's boss! (love the story by the way)
hey can I help ya kll sonic to pwa wezz
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