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January 2, 2011
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Amy was traveling with her always happy friend and maid, Cream in a carrage as they were headed for the kingdom of winds, otherwise known as Wyndie. There were many kingdoms around. But Wyndie was one of the main four. Princess Amy was the heir to the kingdom of nature (Plenthis).

Cream wore nothing more than your ordinary maids dress. Amy on the other hand wore something only her mother would force her to wear. A tight green dress that had a corset on the inside to keep her waist slimmer than it already was. Her skirt was glittering and the matching green shoes hurt her feet. Her pink quills were about shoulder length and her emerald orbs flashed pain. Whoever came up with corsets and uncomfortable shoes should be hung... Amy sighed at the thought.

Cream saw her sigh. "Is everyrthing alright your highness?" said the innocent rabbit. Amy felt like she was suffocating, but she couldn't say that in front of Cream. Amy just nodded as the corset tightened around her. They passed the borders of Plenthis and drove through a market selling many goods. Children ran around playing and mothers yelled about. One stall caught Amy's eye. It was a dark stall that didn't bring much attention. Hidden in a small alley with a large cage-like carrige in the back.

Amy was too curious for her own good. So she called the carrige she rode to a stop and looked through a chest she kept under the seat. She undressed and pulled on some ragged pants and bound her chest. Then placed a old red tunic over it and wore a hood so no one could see her face or hair. She even grabbed a bagful of gold."What are you doing princess? You know you aren't allowed to leave without an escort." Cream pointed out.

Amy sighed. "Please Cream? I just want to take a quick peek at something, then we can be on our way." It was Cream's turn to sigh. "Fine. But you must promise to be back in one hour or I will tell the guards." Amy smiled and hugged her friend. "You are the best." Amy was happy to be able to trust in someone like Cream. "Also," Amy looked at her friend. Cream held out a dagger in its sheath. "You might want some protection." She winked.

Amy sighed and smiled. She snuck out of the door out of sight from anyone and headed for the mystery stall. Every step she made towards it, a sound of agony could be heard getting louder. Amy started getting scared but kept walking. The coins jangling in her bag. Her emerald eyes widened in horror at what she saw when she got to the stall. Many men and women were being beaten or hurt in some way. Burly looking men whipped and laughed at a few.

One was whipping a slave frantically and laughing like a psycho. Amy couldn't take much more of it so she walked up to the man and pushed him away from the slave. The man looked at the slaves savior and grinned. "So... would you like to join him punk?" Amy was literally shaking in her boots. Suddenly, a cloaked figure stepped towards them and spoke in a cold voice.

"Be good now. We have ourselves a customer I believe." Amy's eyebrows raised. Customer? She realized that her coins were jangling like mad. The louder they were the more the old mustached cloaked man grinned. "Well mister, I would suggest the finer young maidens if you wish. They will be much more your taste than... " He glanced at the slave behind Amy. "him." The man sneered.

Amy felt some sort of fear on what might happen to the poor slave behind her. "I don't mind. I would like this slave anyways." She managed to mumble in a manly-ish voice. The man's face scrunched and turned uglier. He let out a deep disgusting breath and said, "That will be 25 gold pieces." So cheap... Amy thought. She could feel the slave behind her hold his breath as she laid the coins in the old mans hand.

The man shuffled the coins in his hand and put them in his pocket. "Let this scumbag go Ben. We've got other trash to deal with." And with that said, the slave was free. His hands and feet were unshackled as he was led out of the market and through a pathway through the woods that led to her carrage. The slave walked with Amy still in her disguise. After she was sure no one was watchng them, she pulled off her hood and got a good look at the slave.

It was a hedgehog. His color was black. A bit of red here and there as well. He had a patch of fur on his chest that might have been white at some point. He wore a gray loincloth and that was it. He was very skinny and cut up. He looks as if he hasn't eaten in days. His eyes were a gloomy red color as they stared at his dirty and bruised feet. His hands were covered in blisters and cuts. His face was very... attractive... She blushed at the thought.

There was a certain shine in his eyes that showed his happiness of freedom from that dreaded enslavement. "Thank you... you have no idea how happy I am that you have taken me out of that horrid place. I will do my best as your humble servant for the rest of my days master." He said right before he saw her face. Oh my god... He thought.

To him, she looked like someone worth serving for all eternity. Her pink locks framed her perfect face. She had a a slim stomach and had an hourglass figure. His mouth went dry the minute they had eye contact. Her eyes... look like emeralds... At that exact minute his head hit the ground hard as he bowed down to her.

"No...don't." She said. She helped him back up and felt his muscles in her hands as she was doing it. Her face warmed up a bit at the touch. Her hands feel very soft and warm. Amy looked at him and said, "P-Please don't bow to me, or call me master." "Then what shall I call you?" "Amy." He nodded. "Okay then... Amy."

They started walking some more and he just couldn't keep his eyes off her. She was just so... so... interesting... Amy saw him staring at her and asked him something. "What is it?" "Oh nothing Amy." She thought a bit and asked something different. "What's your name?" He thought for a bit and lowered his head. "It slipped my mind a few years ago." "Oh... then can I give you a name?" He nodded.

After that, they no longer talked until they got to the carrage. Cream nearly pouncing on Amy in worry. "I TOLD YOU, ONE HOUR! ONE HOUR! YOU ARE SOOOOO LUCKY I DIDN'T ALERT THE GUARD YET." Cream noticed the slave behind Amy. "Um...Amy... Who is this?" Cream asked. Amy thought for a bit. "He's an old friend of mine." "Yes but what's his name?" Amy thought for a bit. "His name is..." She thought a bit more. "Shadow."
Here's chapter 2 :3
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Theshadowlurker303 Aug 6, 2012
Where's chapter.3?!?
Theshadowlurker303 Aug 5, 2012
Awesome story!
shadamylovesmusic Jun 25, 2012  Student Writer
Yay love it
lightningfreak97 Jan 10, 2011  Student Writer
I love this story make the next one as soon as possible
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