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December 11, 2013


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The day broke upon the clear ocean shore, making the sky turn orange and the water shine brightly, waking the many young tired souls of Ho-Oh village, said protected and guided by the legendary itself.

But the adventure doesn’t start in this peaceful town of young pokemon, it starts, in the Sapphire Caves within the Shrined Mountains, resting peacefully beside a series of freshwater lakes and ponds.



There was a roaring rush of water flooding through the labyrinth of caves. Running from the tidal wave chasing after them, were a pair of blue pokemon. One was a Squirtle, level 10, and holding their lamp to his chest as he sprinted, brown eyes wide with terror. He could feel the water coming closer as the waves were lapping at his ankles.

Next to him ran a young Shinx, level 9, his hair sticking in every which direction and his sharp yellow eyes pierced through the near pitch black dark of the cave. Around his body was a satchel holding all their items, and currently, half of them were flying out of the bag.

The rushing wave of water finally crashed, flooding the entirety of the caves and causing the two young adventurers to be entirely underwater, along with many of the cave dwellers. The ones who hadn’t already drowned, were struggling to stay afloat.

“I-I think the water’s rising- GLUB!” Shinx choked, flailing his arms to keep above the level of water. Squirtle wasn’t having any problem with staying afloat, but he knew that neither of them were going to be able to hold their breath or swim back to the entrance of the caves, which was about ten levels of tunnels above them.

Shinx looked around, using Squirtle’s tail as a sort of flotation device. His night vision proved to be useful, as his yellow glowing eyes spotted a large crack in the wall. Water was going through it, so it could be an escape.

“I see an opening! You’re gonna have to help me!” Shinx yelled, the roaring rush of water beginning to overwhelm his voice. Squirtle nodded, showing he heard, and they dove underwater. Squirtle held onto his Shinx’s tail, using him to direct him to the crack. Seeing it, both Squirtle and Shinx unleashed all the rest of their energy into their attacks on it.

Both Squirtle and Shinx unleashed their tackle attacks on the wall, causing the stone to weaken. Both boys looked at each other, hopeful. They let loose one more tackle, and they went crashing through the stone cavern, straight out of the mountain and gasping as they were met with the bright morning sky, their forms rushing from out the cavern with all the water trailing behind them in a waterfall.

They landed in a small pond, disturbing many of the pokemon living there except for one very chill Lotad, floating by and riding the waves of impact from the waterfall crashing into the pond.


“My back…” Squirtle groaned, feeling the soreness in his spine after that heavy impact.

Both boys had dragged themselves to the edge of the pond. Shinx felt in less pain than Squirtle, and was searching through their satchel.

“Alright… The badge is still in here.” Shinx said, relieved. He held their badge in their hands. It was an egg with wings. Right now, they were at the Normal Rank. They were on their fifth ever mission, which was a item quest.

“Do you got it?” Squirtle groaned, flipping himself onto his shell now. His fingers went through his sky blue short hair, pulling out the moss and dirt.

“Yeah, it’s still in here. But most of our food and shit is gone.” Shinx said as he buttoned up the satchel. Squirtle sighed.

“...Let’s head back then.”

xoxox Promise Hill xoxox

Upon this grassy forested hill covered in pink flowers, is a lone tree. There is a story behind the peaceful hill that overlooked the entirety of the village.

Once, long long ago, when Ho-Oh village was not yet in existence… the town used to be a port for pirates, and was a black market town of stolen goods, enslaved people, and greed. The water was filled with ships, all donning the black flag.

Upon this hill, sat a young girl. She loved to watch the lives of others go on, and made flower crowns as she did out of the pink daisies that grew upon the hill. Even in the snow, she sat there every day. No one bothered her, as the pokemon could barely see her through the flowers.

One day, she was spotted by a lone young pirate. A rogue, and very cunning, he made his way up the hill, and demanded he give her everything she owned.

She merely smiled, and gave him the flower crown that she had just made. Ignoring the present, again, he demanded for all her belongings. He pointed his sharp sword straight at her face. But yet, she showed no fear.

“...All I own, are the clothes on my back.” She said, not showing any kind of sadness or fear. He thought she was lying, as did most people in the port. She revealed her wrists, hidden by her long sleeves. There were shackle bruises, all around her wrists, and ankles. “If you wish to kill me, do it. I have nothing in this world. But… promise me you will bury me here, for these flowers.” She said, smiling. But he didn’t kill her. Her bravery was admirable, so he left.

After that, every day, he visited her upon that hill. They talked, and eventually they fell in love.

The young man, gave up on his rogue lifestyle for her. They spoke of moving, finding a home together, and abandoning the town filled with misery.

The night they were going to leave, the girl was killed. The rogue’s former pirate captain found out about them. The rogue was forced into slavery, but escaped so he could follow his promise to her so long ago. By then, he was so frail and weak. He buried the girl within the hill, and died peacefully by her side.

Buneary finished reading the legend and closed the leather bound book. Tears dripped down her pale freckled face. “Oh… I always cry reading this…” She murmured, sitting among the pink daisies. She wiped her face on a fluffy sleeve, and used a daisy as a bookmark.

Looking around, she saw many pokemon on the hill today. Children, and adults alike. Some were meeting with the dungeon explorers here.

“Buneary!” Squirtle yelled. Buneary turned to see Squirtle and Shinx climbing up the hill. They were filthy and exhausted.

“Oh my… Are you two alright?” Buneary asked worriedly.

“Yeah, we’re adventurers! Remember? We’re supposed to get a little dirty!” Squirtle said, puffing out his chest. Buneary giggled a little bit.

Shinx dug into their bag and pulled out the item they needed to retrieve. A sleep seed. He handed it to Buneary, who grinned.

“Oh thank you so much! My mother will be so happy to finally get a night’s sleep with this.” She said, and paid them in poke and an oran berry. Her big fluffy brown ears twitched repeatedly in joy, showing her obvious emotions.

“No problem ma’am. It’s our job.” Squirtle said, before turning. “Have a nice day!”

“You too!” She called back, watching them as they walked down the hill and down the path into town.

xoxox Ho-Oh Village xoxox

The sun shined brightly, creating the perfect atmosphere for the bustling market that occupied the port.

Squirtle and Shinx walked down the dirt paths, watching the many pokemon running the large stands of fresh fish, goods, and fabrics. The whole village was lined with many shops, all in many colors and shapes.

“Can we go eat? I’m starving.” Squirtle said, pointing to ‘Choco-Love Bakery’.

“Do we have to? That place is kinda… girly.” Shinx said, crossing his arms. Both their stomachs growled simultaneously. “Fine.”

They opened the wooden door to the large bakery, making the bell ring, and the rush of fresh pastries and cakes hit them harder than a Rhydon running at full speed. Squirtle swore his mouth was leaving dribble all over the hardwood floors.

It was a small, humble bakery. The walls were white and there were five tables all around.

“Hey guys! Welcome!” Said a cheery voice. On the other side stood Poliwhirl, her clothes all blue and her white apron in a large swirling pattern. Her hair was the same pale blue, and she wore white oven mitts.

Both boys nearly ran to the glass showcase, showing them the many delicious pastries and treats they had available.

“I’ll have the red velvet chocolate mini-cake!” Shinx said, almost able to taste it in his mouth.

“I’ll have the-” Squirtle looked down and saw a squished up baby face blowing him a raspberry. “....Uh… the strawberry chocolate pastry.” He said, blinking as he realized that they face belonged to a baby Joltik. He was squished up in the display, with white frosting all over his mouth and clothes. He wore a yellow sweater and shorts, with blue booties and mittens. He had four blue eyes, and very spiky yellow hair.

“Oh no, Joltik!” He heard call out from the kitchen. From the doorway behind the counter burst Audino, owner and baker for Choco-Love Bakery.

Her pink and pale yellow layered hair was covered in flour, and she wore a pink poofy sweater and skirt with a pale yellow apron, covered in flour and bits of ingredients. She pulled the little yellow menace out of the display, wiping his face.

“Hey Audino.” Squirtle said.

“Oh, hi Squirtle.” She said, and pulled him back into the kitchen.

After a good twenty minutes, Squirtle and Shinx paid for their food and left, smudges of chocolate on their faces.

“I’m gonna go deposit the rest of this. Can you go store our shit before you lose more of it?” Squirtle jingled the small bag of money they earned. Shinx handed him the badge.

“Oh fuck off. It was your fault that those caves even flooded.”

“Well I didn’t know that I had to look out for buttons that look like rocks!” Shinx waved his hand as he walked away, ignoring Squirtle’s rant.

Squirtle headed down the road for the bank, sighing.

“Oh, hey Squirtle.” Meowth said, in the midst of counting some coins.

Meowth and his older brother Persian owned the bank, the large stone structure with cat ears and a large coin on the center.

Meowth had pale yellow hair, cat ears, a ringlet around his head that held a coin, and had on a pale yellow hoodie and jeans.

“Hey Meowth. Add this to our savings.” Squirtle said, placing the bag on the counter.

“Alright. Which one…?” He asked.

“Dude, you already know which one.” He sighed.

“Well, it’s procedure. Now say which account.” Meowth held a small smirk.

“....Team Blue Nutz’s account.” Squirtle said, sighing. Meowth burst out laughing.He always laughed at the team’s name, no matter how many times he said it.


“Hold on a sec, I’ll be with you in a second!” Meowth said. “Persian went out for some shopping, so I’ve gotta hold the fortress down on my own…” He muttered.  “So, I need to see your badge.” Squirtle handed over his badge, and Meowth disappeared in the back for a while.

“Oh my~ Hee hee…”

“Now hold still babe… Damn you’re so fine.” Squirtle looked behind him, and scrunched up his nose in mild disgust. Behind him stood Houndour and Nidorino, one of the top explorers and at a Gold rank in their badge.

Houndour, the village playboy, stood much taller at a 5’8,  than Squirtle, who was only at a 5’2. He wore a silver helmet, and had black dog ears. The sides of his head were shaved, and his hair on top stuck out through the openings of the helmet. He wore a red wife beater and a black trench coat, with silver stripes on the back. His tail stuck out underneath from his black jeans. Around his ankles and wrists were silver bracelets, and he wore black sneakers.

Squirtle looked at his bare feet a little, and flexed his little toes. He could never understand the need for shoes. Why bother when you could feel the earth between your toes and the dirt marking your adventures?

“Hey kid. Move.” Squirtle looked up, and Nidorino, 180 pounds of hard armor and muscle towered above him. The guy had spiky red hair, and blue eyes that held contempt.  His purple armor jutted out from his skin, like knight’s armor.

“Uh…” Squirtle was wide eyed, but felt an arm suddenly brush him aside.

“Move it brat!” Houndour glared, his fangs bared. Squirtle had the urge to curl into his shell, but kept his dignity. The skinny Zigzagoon girl at his waist giggled obnoxiously.

“I was here first!” Squirtle yelled.

“Oh? And how strong are you? You wanna fight about it?” Houndour wasn’t afraid to bite him harshly. And Squirtle could have sworn that Nidorino wanted him dead too.

“No. But you’ve gotta respect people-” There was a sudden burst of fire, making Squirtle jump back in surprise and pain. His arm felt burnt.

“Respect that.” Houndour wiped his mouth of flames, smirking, and laid out on the counter an enormous bag of coins. Four times the amount Squirtle had just deposited. Squirtle’s pupils dilated, feeling humiliated as the Zigzagoon girl laughed at him.

“Alright, all done.” Meowth said, handing Squirtle back the badge. The boy ran out the doors, angry and upset.

“Fucking kid…” Houndour muttered. “No respect for us explorers.” Nidorino grunted in response.

“He IS an explorer.” Meowth said, taking the bag.

“Oh? And what’s the name of his team?” Houndour smirked. Meowth laughed a little.

“Team Blue Nutz.” Houndour laughed loudly, making the girl on his arm laugh too.

“Oh that’s soooo stupid!” She giggled in a high voice.

“He won’t last a week.” Houndour grinned. “And for disrespecting me, I’ll make sure he doesn’t.”
This took... all day. Well, four hours really. It just took all day to get on like twice. =w=
victor157 Dec 11, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Awesome!! The story barely began and I'm already lovin' it yo.
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